Mango Raspberry Mousse

White sponge cake, white chocolate mango mousse and raspberry mousse.

General Info

Alternating Layers of Sponge Cake, Coffee Butter Cream and Dark Chocolate GanaChe In Store Size(s):  6 inch $35. (For more information see Sizes & Servings) 8 inch $45. (For more information see Sizes & Servings) Writing on the Cake: Directly on the surface for $2 extra.

Sizes & Servings

In Store Size: 
  • 6 inch: 6-8 Servings, $35
  • 8 inch: 8-10 Servings, $45
Custom Sizes:
  • 9 inch: 12-14 Servings
  • 10 inch: 22-25 Servings
  • 12 inch 45-50 Servings
  • Quarter Sheet 22-25 Servings
  •  Half Sheet 45-50 Servings
  • Full Sheet 95-100 Servings

Detailed Info

  • Nuts: No
  • Gelatin: Yes
  • Gluten: Yes
  • Alcohol: Yes
  • Egg: Yes
  • Dairy: Yes

Serve & Store

Cakes iced with or containing buttercream, fudge, ganache, or cream cheese should be served at room temperature. Whipped cream and custard based cakes need to be refrigerated until serving and should not be left out more than an hour. For overnight storage, please seal tightly and place in the fridge to help the cake retain freshness and moisture.